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Welsh government gives approval to major new solar storage park

It’s a big step taken by the government of wales to allow the construction of the most important storage park of solar energy. This could be probably a game changing step taken by the government towards economic development. As a matter of fact, the construction is already ongoing. In the whole of UK, it’s the largest solar energy storage house that will be of great importance to the Business buildings and industrial buildings.

A total of 16 residential homes will greatly benefit from this project. These homes that are located across Wenham place in Neath opposite a care home that was there before, will be the ones that will heavily benefit from this energy. The reason being that the design at which they were constructed will permit them to tap the energy from this power house. Nevertheless, with a mixture of different technological innovations, they will also be in a position to produce, store and give out the energy they will produce, leading to great solar PV battery storage cost UK benefits.

This projected named the Active Homes Neath is spearheaded by several development bodies. These are the Neath Port Talbot borough council, the Pobl group of housing and innovation and a centre of specific innovations from the university of Swansea which is situated at the Baglan that is also a power house.

The active Neath project is made up of 8 apartments including 8 houses. This project is definitely a mother project by the fact that it also paves way for a preceding project that is even big. It’s named Homes as Power Stations. Funds for the construction of this multi-million project is already set to be provided by the region as part of the Swansea bay city deal. The amount having been projected to be £1.3 billion. This project will also enable these houses to produce, store and distribute the energy produced. This is actually a large programme that will require technology of the highest order to design and equip these homes for all this power energy.

The methodological approach of this Active Buildings was researched and innovated by the SPECIFIC of the university of Swansea. Some of the requirements includes the photovoltaic panels that will be placed on the roof tops and of course the heat collectors of the solar energy. These will be placed on southern part of the walls that will be facing the heat from the water. Batteries will also have a major role to play. They will store surplus energy that will be used for future use. Additionally, the wasted energy will have to be re-used inside the ventilation system of the homes system.

Immediately after the completion of the Active Homes Neath project, it will be tracked by the business department, the industrial strategy monitoring programme and the energy department. Such invention could greatly help to reduce household energy bills and increase power supply across the United Kingdom which means funds can be set aside in the development of other projects. Thumps up for the Welsh government innovative housing programme not forgetting the private finance.

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