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New family-run furniture business launched with £500 grant

A business dealing with the manufacturing and provision of bespoke furniture from wood for both business markets and consumer markets has emerged. The business is being managed by a family is proving to be a very unique family full of knowledge and effort. It started after the family was awarded a £ 500 grant by the United Kingdom Steel enterprise , funds that are meant for starting up a business.

The business was started in the month of September, the year 2018 by Lee Sabin with his son James. They named the business after their name that is Sabin’s furniture. This business is proving to be booming with the addition of more valuable products situated at the business Park in Rotherham that is along the Bolton road, and they are becoming a notable name monitored by business including Shropshire furniture sellers.

Since it start, the Sabin’s furniture is producing high quality furniture products that satisfies their buyers as per their expectations. Despite that, its products are also unique, hard to get in any other place. Sabin’s raw materials which are timber and metals are just locally acquired within the United Kingdom which is quite an opportunity for them. Marketing and selling of the furniture by the business is done online with the use of the available social platforms. Furthermore, they also sell their products through retail shops that are specifically situated around the region.

The United Kingdom Steel Enterprise has played a very fundamental role in the growth of Sabin’s furniture business. It facilitated making it easier for the business to be marketed on the opening date. More so, it supported the mangers to acquire the tools and equipment that were needed the most.

Giving his comments and being more enthusiastic, Lee decided to share out how the all thing came up. He said that at the very start, they decided to share roles with her son in order to get motivated to attain their goals. James was an overall seer, supervising the production while he managed the business. Putting their skills together was a fantastic idea as it was meant to ensure they develop and deliver products that best suits their customers.

He further commended by registering his acknowledgement and thanking the UKSE program which provided the funds they longed for in order to buy relevant materials they mostly needed for their start. The funds also ensured they market their product perfectly to many people which increased its awareness thus resulting more in more demand.

Moreover, he thanked the UKSE for their un-measurable support they received from that funding body. The support motivated them to work more harder coming up with more skills that helped the growth of the business leading them to success.

More comments came from USKE showering praises for the duo. A member from the group, Allan Stanley said that James and his father were very focussed, self-driven individuals who he believes they will put all the knowledge and efforts they have to ensure they achieve more. He finally wished the two business mangers best of luck and greater achievements as they ran their business.

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